Rushing stats for TSUN and MSU 

I was on twitter and I was minding my own business, and reading all the tweets that stingray has. Then something caught my eye. A retweet. A rebel fan said that his team runs the ball more and better than Mississippi State which I found absolutely absurd. So I can sit around and tell you all day about how dem bulldawgs are better than dem Rebs. Buuuttt that wouldn’t work. However, stats do.  So I had to scroll down to see dem rebels. Mississippi State has run the ball 532 times for 2,997 yards. Dem rebs have ran 422 times for 1,793 yards. Dem bulldawgs got more yards and attempts. End of discussion riggghhtt?? Weeellll apparently not for all of you footbawl nerds I’ll do advanced stats too. Also I would never guess that we have better rushing stats than LSU. well. Ish.  Dem Rebs get 149 yards a game rushing. That’s awful. So we know the majority of their yards and plays run are passes. Dem bulldawgs get 230 yards a game. That’s a lot better. And get about 5.6 yards per carry. That’s good. Dem Rebs get about 4.3 yards per carry. That’s not very good. I am a strong believer in running the football and I think that if you run the ball you will be rewarded with wins. Dan has always had solid run games (with the exception of 2015 that was pretty much the Dak show) but Dan should have a settled backfield and that means we can run the ball more. Which means that we’ll win. So. Rushing. Bulldawgs>Rebs


The recruiting class so far 

1/24/17 12:45pm the current time and date this article was written. Mississippi State is doing well in recruiting, and there are more commitments are coming. Here’s how it stacks up as of right now: 

There are 20 commitments. It stacks up 10th in the SEC and 27th nationally

Keytaon Thompson Dual threat QB 4 star

Chauncey Rivers WDE 4 star 

Jonathan Abram S 3 star

Deion Pope DT 3 star

Lee Autry DT 3 star 

Tommy Champion OT 3 star

Montez Sweat WDE 3 star

Brian Cole S 3 star

Austin Williams WR 3 star

Tyler Williams CB 3 star

Tyre Philips OG 3 star 

Jaquarius Landrews S 3 star

James Jackson DT 3 star

Kylin Hill RB 4 star 

Tyler Dunning OLB 3 star 

Landon Guidry S 3 star

Cordavian Suggs OT 3 star

Taekion Reed OT 3 star 

Montravious Richardson OT 3 star 

Tucker Day P 2 star 

The future is bright for the Bulldogs, and is going to get brighter. 

Women’s basketball, Mississippi State’s biggest suprise 

Women’s basketball is one of those forgotten sports because why would I watch that?? Right?? Suddenly, the tables have turned at Mississippi State. The women pack the hump just as well if not better than the men. There have been many sell outs and suddenly you have a fan base invested and passionate about women’s basketball, all thanks to the genius of Vic Shaefer. Over the past 3 seasons Vic has won 77 games!! With 3 straight 20+ win seasons. It’s simply amazing how he has taken the program to the top through his elite defenses and great offenses. Vic deserves all credit and our women deserve your respect and still your great support. Life is great for Mississippi State