Third time’s the charm

When should the Bulldogs expect basketball success? Well as I’ve said before Howland’s 3RD year. In my mind this works with all coaches. You give the coach one year to put in his system, another year to build his roster, and then it’s proving time. Keep in mind that Ben has had to clean up a lot of the mess left by Rick Ray. Recruiting Ben has done a tremendous job. He has the youngest team in the nation and now they all have experience under their belt. The talent is here. Now the experience is coming as well. Losing IJ is a blow to the offense, because IJ is a facilitator he’s not going to drop 20 points each game, but he knows how to run the offense. This year everyone has had somewhat of a chance to run the offense and learn. Down low our big men get good position, they just don’t finish. Which with this year and some development. They ought to be fine. I honestly think that this could be one of the best bulldog teams ever. Look at Howland’s records. He builds teams in his 3rd year:

I think we could make a deep tournament run and possibly win the SEC. Kentucky is strong, but over the past few years Coach Cal’s juggernaut has shown its flaws. The Bulldogs have also notably come close to beating Kentucky. Which is a very good sign to see.  


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