Memphis Basketball 2017 

A magical 38 win season, the most in NCAA history. Memphis advances to the 2008 National Championship game where Mario Chalmers hit the shot that would ultimately win Kansas the national championship game over Derrick Rose. Memphis was a power house, the fan base was excited, the future was bright, and the fan base had high expectations. Then, the NCAA came in and vacated all of the wins from the magical season, and then John Calipari left, and that was the beggining of the end. Fast forward 9 years and Memphis basketball is decades behind from returning to anything close to their former glory. Tubby Smith has lost three of his best players, has a recruiting class that is absolutely awful, three players on scholarship as of right now, a fan base that is drained of all energy, and a coach who is struggling to bring in players that are D2 bound. D2 bound. Let me say that again, Division II basketball players. Players who should at the most be a reserve for a bottom of the pack team. Yet, this is where Memphis is. 9 years ago the future looked so bright like a team that would never be brought down, now the future is about as bright as a lamp….without a light bulb. As a state fan I can say that yea, we sucked with Rick Ray, but our program didn’t implode and no key players transferred. It’s mind boggiling to consider how bad state was and how they rebounded and then take how good Memphis was and how awful it is now. Memphis may never return to glory with an overpaid coach, bad players, and no top 100 recruits. (They had 5 ESPN top 100 recruits when Tubby took over, they now have 0) as well as top Memphis prospect and lifelong Memphis fan who lives literally minutes away from campus, DJ Jefferies has been talked to ONCE…ONE TIME, UNO, ONCE! By the Tigers staff. He should be an easy grab for Memphis, yet theyhave made virtually no effort at all to grab him and instead choose to focus their efforts on Division II quality players. Yea. It’s bad. One thing your fan base can never do is have the media turn on you, as well as the fans. However that is exactly what has happened. Tubby as well as Memphis had no clue what they got themselves into. Now the Tigers program is at least a decade behind to returning to being somewhat relevant. 


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