The biggest Question Mark for MSU Football

No, it’s not the secondary. No, it’s not the receivers. And no, it’s not the offensive line. It’s a position group. One that was a big question mark last year, and has always been shaky. It’s the Special Teams. No I’m not talking about returners. I’m talking about kickers. Dan picked up Tucker Day, but I don’t feel confident that he can fix all of our shanked punts or missed kicks. Which let me say right now, we’re going to miss healthy Westin again. The kickers aren’t good kickers, or even consistent kickers. We need to covert every PAT, and make most of our Field Goals, and we need to get the ball downfield on punts, and get it downfield on kickoffs. Kickers are so underrated, but so vital to a team’s success. So many good teams fall short because they don’t have kickers. If Tucker Day comes through for us, then we could have a very good year. We lost to LSU due to field goals twice over the past 2 years and other teams as well. (LSU stung the most in my opinion) If we can just knock down some 40 yarders then we’d be fine or get punts that go longer than 25 yards. We have to give our defense better field position. Especially in Dan Mullen’s bend don’t break scheme. The punters contributes directly to that, and when he gives the offense a short field, then the defense tends to fall apart, because the defense is built for long drives. Hence the name bend don’t break. And then 1 point on PAT’s are pretty important. As well as 3 points. Better to be down 3-7 than 0-7. If we can get the ball down field (but not out kick our coverage) then the defense is going to thrive, as well as the team. This season will determine a lot for the Bulldogs, and if it is dissapointing becuase of special teams again, then that’d be a big shame. However if the kickers keep their end of the deal up, then we’re going to do just fine. 


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