SEC West Projections 

My extremely optimistic for MSU SEC west projections 

Arkansas: 8-4 not too shabby 

Alabama:10-2 solid, but not good enough for  Saban 

Auburn: 7-5 im not onboard the hype train….sorry Gus 

Texas A&M:7-5 (they’re probably losing to UCLA tbh) 

LSU:8-4 not bad for coach O 

Mississippi State:10-2 (I know it’s messed up I don’t care it’s the preseason either I do crappy projections or write about the Ball family) 

Ole Miss: 6-6 Optomism! 


SEC East Projections 

   At SEC Media Days all media experts made their picks for SEC standings. Of course it’s too early to make projections, but hey might as well start outrage and fights online sooner than later…oh SEC Off-season soooo glorious. This was the medias projections:now I’ll break down every team’s schedule breifly in the east. 

MissouriI have the other tigers going 5-7 which is extremely optimistic, however it’s 2nd to last place in the SEC East. 

Kentucky:I was slightly optimistic for Kentucky however they’re still dead last in the east at 4-8. 

Vanderbilt:No upsets here, Vandy just gets work done here. A solid 6-6. 

South Carolina:UPSET ALERT FOR CLEMSON. USC goes 6-6. 

Georgia:Georgia finishes 7-5, a solid season for the Bulldogs out east. 

TennesseeThe Vols are going a solid 8-4. Not bad. But probably not good enough for Butch Jones. 

FloridaYour SEC East champions, the Florida Gators are going 9-3! 

Third time’s the charm

When should the Bulldogs expect basketball success? Well as I’ve said before Howland’s 3RD year. In my mind this works with all coaches. You give the coach one year to put in his system, another year to build his roster, and then it’s proving time. Keep in mind that Ben has had to clean up a lot of the mess left by Rick Ray. Recruiting Ben has done a tremendous job. He has the youngest team in the nation and now they all have experience under their belt. The talent is here. Now the experience is coming as well. Losing IJ is a blow to the offense, because IJ is a facilitator he’s not going to drop 20 points each game, but he knows how to run the offense. This year everyone has had somewhat of a chance to run the offense and learn. Down low our big men get good position, they just don’t finish. Which with this year and some development. They ought to be fine. I honestly think that this could be one of the best bulldog teams ever. Look at Howland’s records. He builds teams in his 3rd year:

I think we could make a deep tournament run and possibly win the SEC. Kentucky is strong, but over the past few years Coach Cal’s juggernaut has shown its flaws. The Bulldogs have also notably come close to beating Kentucky. Which is a very good sign to see.  

Memphis Grizzlies projected starting five 

   The Memphis Grizzlies, led by second year head coach David Fizzdale are in win now but maybe rebuild mode. The Grizzlies are letting old players go and out of the original core four (Zach Randolph, Marc Gasol, Tony Allen, and Mike Conley) only Mike and Marc remain on the roster as it seems that Tony Allen is gone and Zach Randolph is headed to Sacramento with fellow 40 year old Grizzly Vince Carter. The Grizzlies are letting old players walk in order to make the roster younger. It’s a smart move, however everything hinges upon Chandler Parsons…to be specific, it hinges upon his knees. Now, my projected starting five. 

Point Guard Mike Conley This one is no question. Mike Conley is the soul of this Grizzlies team and a top 10 NBA guard. Next. 

Shooting Guard Ben McLemoreI debated between McLemore and Tyreke Evans, and I decided on McLemore because of his shooting. McLemore has flopped however no one necessarily thrives in Sacramento. The biggest factor here is how well he fits in Fizzdales system he’s perfect Conley drives in kicks the ball out instead of kicking it out to a Tony Allen who shoots 30% from 3 he can give it to a guy who has an ability to light it up. 

Small Foward Chandler Parsons Honestly you can interchange between Parsons and Troy Daniels and Small Foward, however you have to feel that Parsons might be coming back. This is a very very very optimistic outlook since his knees are basically shot, but hey you never know. 

Power Foward Jamychal GreenNow ummm there’s one tiny problem as of this time the Grizzlies have yet to re-sign their ultra athletic, as well as ultra sought after young gem. However if there’s someone the Grizzlies will break the bank for its Green. He fits perfectly in the system and will be needed with the departure of Memphis legend Zach Randolph. Green is athletic, can shoot, tremendous rebounder, good defensively, and fast for his size. 

Center Marc GasolSo yea 7’1 Spainard, defensive POTY, absolute monster um anymore to say here?? 

Sixth Man Troy Daniels Troy Daniels is a laser 3 point shooter, he can knock it down from pretty much anywhere. The only thing holding him back from greatness is his defense. On pick and roll situations he gets killed, however defense is just effort and practice, and the Grizzlies know a thing or two about defense so Troy Daniels should be fine. Honestly Troy is going to see a lot more minutes this year, it’s just time to see if he can stay consistent and stay earning minutes. 

Memphis Basketball 2017 

A magical 38 win season, the most in NCAA history. Memphis advances to the 2008 National Championship game where Mario Chalmers hit the shot that would ultimately win Kansas the national championship game over Derrick Rose. Memphis was a power house, the fan base was excited, the future was bright, and the fan base had high expectations. Then, the NCAA came in and vacated all of the wins from the magical season, and then John Calipari left, and that was the beggining of the end. Fast forward 9 years and Memphis basketball is decades behind from returning to anything close to their former glory. Tubby Smith has lost three of his best players, has a recruiting class that is absolutely awful, three players on scholarship as of right now, a fan base that is drained of all energy, and a coach who is struggling to bring in players that are D2 bound. D2 bound. Let me say that again, Division II basketball players. Players who should at the most be a reserve for a bottom of the pack team. Yet, this is where Memphis is. 9 years ago the future looked so bright like a team that would never be brought down, now the future is about as bright as a lamp….without a light bulb. As a state fan I can say that yea, we sucked with Rick Ray, but our program didn’t implode and no key players transferred. It’s mind boggiling to consider how bad state was and how they rebounded and then take how good Memphis was and how awful it is now. Memphis may never return to glory with an overpaid coach, bad players, and no top 100 recruits. (They had 5 ESPN top 100 recruits when Tubby took over, they now have 0) as well as top Memphis prospect and lifelong Memphis fan who lives literally minutes away from campus, DJ Jefferies has been talked to ONCE…ONE TIME, UNO, ONCE! By the Tigers staff. He should be an easy grab for Memphis, yet theyhave made virtually no effort at all to grab him and instead choose to focus their efforts on Division II quality players. Yea. It’s bad. One thing your fan base can never do is have the media turn on you, as well as the fans. However that is exactly what has happened. Tubby as well as Memphis had no clue what they got themselves into. Now the Tigers program is at least a decade behind to returning to being somewhat relevant. 

Why a new Dudy Noble is going to benifit Mississippi State

When Scott Stricklin announced the plans for the new Dude there was a lot of excitement around the fan base. However from that excitement arose the cries to cancel the construction and not touch the Dude. Aaaanndddd then the fan base was divided. Now I understand this part of the fanbase. Tradition and history is important. However tradition and history can’t fix your stadiums flaws. The new Dude needs to happen. I think that if anyone knows if we need a new baseball stadium or not, the guy for the job is the perfect guy to sign off on it, John Cohen. I’m certain that he knows what will benifit our baseball program more than well, pretty much anyone. While we now have the funds for it we’re coming closer and closer to building. The biggest concern for people is The Left Field Lounge. I understand this too. It’s one of the greatest traditions ever. But allowing people to build their own rigs is well…extremely dangerous as plenty of people have pointed out. However that hasn’t been a problem, and I’m just kind of throwing that out there. Also think about the empty seats behind home plate, that doesn’t look good on TV when the only part of the stadium that the camera is on is empty. Now, keep in mind, I am a stadium freak. I love stadiums. 

WE NEED THIS STADIUM! Dudy Noble’s glory days are behind it and the stadium is well. As sad as it is to say, it’s not top of the line anymore. The actual stadium is lacking compared to most schools. (Arkansas, Texas A&M, TSUN(it’s actually pretty nice not gonna lie), and many other stadiums. The bathrooms are few and not nice. The concessions also need improvements. The layout is well not very good. I’m trying to say these things with a grain of salt, because I too. Have been to Dudy Noble. And I too enjoy it. However we enjoy because of the atmosphere we provide. We are talking about a new stadium, and let’s accept the fact. Love it or hate’re still going to be there. You’re still going to love it.  

Now why should I support this building. First off.          MONEY you know these left field lofts are going to sell like snow cones in the summer. Now left field lounge…good news: Mississippi State listens to you, the University does an outstanding job treating its fans and pampering us. They listen to you, and they still will. And you’ll still bring the great atmosphere to Dudy Noble. Yes I’ll miss Dudy Nobleof course I’ll miss Dudy Noble, but it’s time to move on. (And TBH I think that when they take down the stadium they should sell bricks from it) but I mean come on we’re advancing CHECK OUT THE VIDEO BOARD BEHOLD: LIGHTthe future is bright. (See what I did Okay I’ll stop I promise)  The stadium is going to be nice. Heck I’ll say it right now it’s going to be the nicest stadium in the nation. It’s going to be up there with Auto Zone Park. (I think it’ll be better, no offense Red Birds beautiful stadium and great new logo yall got, but hail state) RIP DUDY NOBLE 

BUT LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY!! it’s beautiful!!!!! Everything is just so good, and I garuantee that you will love it too. Just give it a chance, I’m not asking you to go crazy for it, I’m just asking you to enjoy it. Because it is one very very veerrrryy good stadium. 

The biggest Question Mark for MSU Football

No, it’s not the secondary. No, it’s not the receivers. And no, it’s not the offensive line. It’s a position group. One that was a big question mark last year, and has always been shaky. It’s the Special Teams. No I’m not talking about returners. I’m talking about kickers. Dan picked up Tucker Day, but I don’t feel confident that he can fix all of our shanked punts or missed kicks. Which let me say right now, we’re going to miss healthy Westin again. The kickers aren’t good kickers, or even consistent kickers. We need to covert every PAT, and make most of our Field Goals, and we need to get the ball downfield on punts, and get it downfield on kickoffs. Kickers are so underrated, but so vital to a team’s success. So many good teams fall short because they don’t have kickers. If Tucker Day comes through for us, then we could have a very good year. We lost to LSU due to field goals twice over the past 2 years and other teams as well. (LSU stung the most in my opinion) If we can just knock down some 40 yarders then we’d be fine or get punts that go longer than 25 yards. We have to give our defense better field position. Especially in Dan Mullen’s bend don’t break scheme. The punters contributes directly to that, and when he gives the offense a short field, then the defense tends to fall apart, because the defense is built for long drives. Hence the name bend don’t break. And then 1 point on PAT’s are pretty important. As well as 3 points. Better to be down 3-7 than 0-7. If we can get the ball down field (but not out kick our coverage) then the defense is going to thrive, as well as the team. This season will determine a lot for the Bulldogs, and if it is dissapointing becuase of special teams again, then that’d be a big shame. However if the kickers keep their end of the deal up, then we’re going to do just fine.